​​​​​​​GFWC Junior Woman's Club of Midtown

Junior Director's Project: Kicks for Kids-

                                        ​Our clubs do various projects to help their local communities while having fun and                                  forming strong friendships with other club members. We do projects for our                                                    schools, underprivileged children, animals, environment, homeless, domestic                                                abuse victims, military, first responders, health and wellness, the list goes on. No                                          matter your passion, there is something for everyone and we need members like                                          you to make all this happen. 

The GFWC Florida Director of Junior Clubs, Candice Postel, gets to choose a project for her administration and she has selected  “Kicks for Kids“ and the purpose is to get shoes to kids in need!  There are children in every community who are in need of a good quality pair of shoes that fit.  Having the right shoes gives children confidence, a boost in self esteem, and the opportunity to focus in school on the lesson instead of thinking about their hurting feet.  

Please join us in finding children in your local community who are in need, and getting them shoes that fit.  Change a child’s life with a pair of shoes!